[c]/ɪntəˈleɪs / (say intuh'lays)

verb (interlaced, interlacing)
verb (i)
1. to cross one another as if woven together; intertwine; blend intricately: interlacing boughs.
verb (t)
2. to dispose (threads, strips, parts, branches, etc.) so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under.
3. to mingle; blend.
4. to diversify as with threads woven in.
5. to intersperse or intermingle.
6. Railways, etc. to lay (two railway tracks) so that the inner rails overlap, as in a section passing through a tunnel or over a bridge, in order to narrow the roadbed without switching to a single track.
{inter- + lace}
interlacement, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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